Film and Photography Permit

Welcome to the City of Westminster Film Permit Application Process.  We have made the process as simple as possible to ensure your project deadlines are met. Please be sure to review the entire page.

An applicant will be required to submit a permit request at least two business days prior to the date on  which such person desires to conduct an activity for which a permit is required. If such filming  activity interferes with traffic or involves potential public safety hazards, an application may be required at least 5-7 business days in advance

Please download the Film and Photography Permit Application to fill out. Return it, along with the other required information and fees as detailed below to Gayle Johnson at An online form to start the process may be filled out here, though all other documents will need to be submitted by email or in person at this time.

Required Insurance Documents

  1. General Liability - $1 Million
  2. Worker's Compensation Verification
  3. Additional Insured Endorsement
  4. Hold Harmless
  5. Indemnification

A written notification shall be distributed to the adjacent property owners by the applicant(s) at  least  48 hours prior to filming if the following conditions occur:

  • Impact to on-street parking
  • Filming on public right-of-way such as street, sidewalk, etc.
  • Use of any equipment that will generate noise
  • Or as it is determined by the City of Westminster 

Filming on Private Property

An applicant is required to obtain the property owner's permission, consent, and/or lease for use of property not owned or controlled by the City.  If filming will take place on private property, the Production Company must obtain written permission from the property owner.

Filming on Public Property

If filming will take place on public (City owned) property such as a park, sidewalk, street, etc., the Production Company must notify the Police Department if pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be affected, so that traffic control officers can be assigned to the site. 


Permit Application Fee: $195

Application for Student Project: No Film Fees

Location Fees:

  • Motion-private property: $200/day
  • Still-private property: $100/day
  • Motion-city property: $400/day
  • Still-city property: $200/day 

Additional Fees That May Apply:

  • Public safety staff services
  • Public works staff services 
  • Location Modification/Unusual use of City Facilities 

For additional information, please contact, Gayle Johnson (714) 548-3172 or email